Step, Sweat, Success

Digital Film (7mins 3 seconds)

In 'Step, Sweat, Success', multimedia artists TV Babies have created a fantasy world in which they disrupt the intu Trafford Centre, a Greco-Roman style consumerist wonderland in the outskirts of Manchester. This tongue in cheek film brings three statues to life to star in their very own DIY work out video. The film pokes fun at a Manchester Evening News statistic which notes that there are over 100 naked or partially naked statues of women in the intu Trafford Centre yet only one partially naked male; an example of everyday sexism. In light of this, TV Babies attempt to embody the strict Western beauty ideals presented in Jane Fonda's aerobics videos and of course implicit in the Greco-Roman statues. The film contemplates whether you can achieve the absurd 'perfection' of the Trafford Centre statues by doing an aerobics workout. In their failure the audience is reminded of the stupidity of this task. 'Step, Sweat, Success' was inspired by the concept of 'loose space', here referring to an urgent need to extend the given boundaries in which we can express ourselves in constructed, pseudo-public spaces. Depending on the direct environment and how it is staged, these boundaries fluctuate.


It was shown at the Manchester School of Art degree show 2018, alongside The Fountain of Youth by Freya Wysocki and Jennifer Hanns. It was also shown at the TV Babies takeover of Encoure Room Sauna and as part of a performance for Legroom at Sounds From the Other City.

Step, Sweat, Success' Video 'advert' also featured in the first issue of Pondwater Magazine by Artist Matt Girling